I’ll take your facts and call BS

I shutdown my blog. The other blog. The one with five thousand followers. Now I’m just enjoying Instagram but not as a frequent participant. Just loving photos and maybe an occasional pic of my beloved bulldog Nuggy. I’ve also started using my Twitter more. Ohh the things I’ve learned there.

1. People do seem slightly less triggered than on a social media site that is for BDSM and fetishes.

2. People aren’t triggered but choose to live in the realm of emotions versus facts. Anger doesn’t allow you to be ignorant and proudly so.

3. Overkill is rampant. State something innocuous and someone will accuse you of wanting to burn puppies. Alive. “Kale sucks”.

And some one will tell you that you are a horrific human.

So why the fuck would I shut down a blog that was created to help others realize they were normal sexually and should embrace their body image? But then got to Twitter and engage people?

I stopped writing because people do not read anymore. They can take your 1000 word essay and see one word they dislike and tell you how it’s offended them. So many people have chosen to chose victimhood over survivor.

On Twitter they get snaps of conversations. Not all, but the Perpetually offended? They can only handle basic information. If the story says this is X then anyone who says anything close to Y or god forbid Z is a racist, misogynist, or Jesus hater. So they enjoy brief information. They won’t read a blog. Too many words.

My husband asked why I want to argue with people who don’t want to listen.

“If they are never argued with they believe they are right. I’m there to make sure they don’t think that.”

When everyone thinks they are always right? Makes a dull world.

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  1. RW says:

    Miss you on the other site. I was first attracted to your writing there, and then I discovered that you were sexy af! Win Win!
    The truth is there is still plenty of sexy there, but really good writing is getting terribly scarce!
    I miss you chick!


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