On being American

My grandad is 94. He grew up in Belfast. Every Sunday we talk on Skype.

When I adopted my husband’s religion it caused some family drama. I had been raised catholic and attended those schools. What the heck?

When I explained my Judaism actually allowed me to explore Wiccan and Buddhism my Irish family calmed down. They liked how accepting Judaism was. Cause my being a witch wasn’t crazy for them. They actually were proud of that.

Today Gramps and I had a heavy conversation. He asked me to not attend Jewish services for awhile. He also asked if my guns are ready. “Did ya clean and manage them?”
I assured him the guns I have are ready. (My spouse is the gun keeper.) Then I assured him I’m as worried as he is. I feel anxious and scared. That’s what he wanted to hear. To make him feel like I’m aware. It’s also the truth.

He tells me how before The Troubles began it was like where America is now. My dad would be beat up at school. Bar fights between wafer eaters and communion takers. They were targets. Today? We are on that cusp. A distinct division where people are being influenced by what they hear and their leadership tells them that one group is evil, criminal, needs to be stopped.

History repeats itself. And several groups are fearing where we are heading. We are too polarized. Some people believe everything they see on Facebook. There are too many people worried that letting others succeed mean their failure.

As someone who is first generation American let me say we want the best for America. Probably more than you.

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