You host a BBQ, I’ll host a funeral

In high school, I played soccer. I was friends with two other girls on my team who known to me were a couple. With the exception of one other person, no one in our school knew. It was speculated and gossiped but their being lesbians was the great mystery for the rest of the student body.

I am still “friends” with both women on other social media sites. One is married and her wife and she take amazing trips around the world. The other is married, has two kids, and adopted two more from Africa a few years back. She teaches Sunday school and is a very proud wife to her husband. She quotes scripture about marriage between a man and a woman causing me to think she either has a lot of remorse for her past or perhaps she is trying to cover up for her former relationship. It makes me sad because I liked them as a couple. There shouldn’t be a reason to feel shame or hostility about it. I don’t unfollow her for two reasons: one, I like the pictures she takes of her farm where she talks about enjoying the beauty of what God has given us. I am a witch so I look at nature and hum happily appreciating the universe around me in the simplest of things. Today it was a honey bee who liked my foot. He hung out with me for a few hours while I wrote, flying away then returning, but both of us feeling okay with one another’s presence. Enjoying the beauty of the world is something all religions do and can do together if we put aside our differences. The second reason I stay friends with her is because of her shock value at times. Today was Richter Scale status.

Today she posts an outdoor BBQ with a table beautifully decorated with wildflowers and mini pumpkins. There are bowls with mounds of family sized portions decorating the 20-foot table. The occasion is “to celebrate Jesus’ selection of Judge Kavanaugh.” There were a few other pictures available if you swiped but I passed.

I keep my Instagram pretty dull. I take pictures of my food, cocktails, my dogs, and friends and I. It is mostly so people who are actual friends with me can see what I am up to or where I am travel wise. When I read that Jesus is who we are to thank for our newest SCOTUS appointee I tried to not get a bitter taste in my mouth. I am not anti-Christian and believe that religion as long as it doesn’t harm others can be a great source of comfort. I don’t believe religion needs to be in my politics though and that is what taints people about religion.

I can only speculate that this “friend” believes her two sons will be safer now that it is okay per Trump to mock sexual assault victims. Now she can sleep that some hussy teenage girl won’t falsely accuse her boy’s of misconduct just to seek revenge. Because if someone does surely that girl is a liar and a tramp. Maybe she feels her two daughters are safer because if abortion does come up before the court then it is God’s will they have that child. (especially where they live in one of the trigger states.) If some boy forces himself on one of her daughters will that be because God willed it or because they left the house showing bare knees? Whatever her reasons I have to question how someone can have spent the last few weeks in the US as a woman and not felt beleaguered in some way. Even if you are a female Trump supporter at some point the way this was handled even had to leave a bad taste in your mouth. I would think. Even if you like him to brag about celebrating this just seems like a punch in the gut to me.

Then I look at my old soccer pal and feel confusion and disgust. On a day where half our country seems to be in mourning over things, we can’t even fully articulate yet she is having a BBQ to celebrate shady politics, a questionable candidate, and moral superiority. Rule no. 1 in the witch’s handbook is To Do No Harm. I had to curb myself from wishing that potato salad on her picnic table was suspect. After all, I am only human and surely not celebrating.



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