I am disgusted we are here

We are on the wire. This man will probably be appointed. 

Let me tell why I feel this is not okay.

  1. Our country is currently divided. It is across racial and sexual divides. It also extends beyond generations. Younger men feel alienated from older men. This is making it worse.
  2. a man who is supposed to be rational just showed he is temperamental and dramatic. I hate to say this but if a woman had acted this defiant people would be breathing up and down how she was guilty just by being reactionary. 
  3. When the leader of a country and his minions begin mocking sexual assault victims we have a real problem. Whether you believe them or not it is NEVER okay to mock assault. Last week I was having my car serviced and the Crosby trial was on TV. A few employees came to watch. A female employee suggested they would “make an example of him”. Her male coworker looked stunned and told her they would sentence him because he was guilty. WTF. I have to say having a man stand up for survivors was moving I wrote the dealership about how I loved the staff.
  4. Let me say had Brett said he could look back and see how his actions were harmful and regretted them then we would be at a different place. 
  5. A victim was used for bipartisan means. Screw if that hurt her psyche or family! We have an election coming up and want a conservative bench to grab. No matter your politics this woman was used in a disgusting way. No one can look at her and think she wanted this for her or her family. These government assholes made her their chess piece.

I am not okay with a man this mercurial and emotional being on my Supreme Court. I am also against a man who has lied under oath.  Devil’s Triangle? He looks down and away right. Classic lie. Plus the stall.  Fucking own it. Own drinking. own sex. 

I would respect you more.

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