The music made me do it

I had some time to kill between appointments today. I found a nice tree to park under and read some blogs as I listened to music through the Bluetooth.

A song came on from my playlist and I immediately began thinking of sex. “Love is a Bitch” by Two Feet. I went from reading a nice blog on being happy to thinking of grinding against someone in a matter of seconds. I saw us kissing, me unbuttoning his shirt as he unzipped my dress, and walking towards the bed. The image made me ache and I thought how he would feel inside of me. How we would fill the room with our scent. The luxurious feeling of moving up and down him. Languid. Wet. Full.

And then “Shock the Monkey” by Peter Gabriel came on and my image deteriorated like exposed film leaving me wanting.

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  1. I have been guilty of getting lost in a song only to be jolted back to the present. It can be quite a shock. I listened to Two Feet and I love them. Thanks for mentioning them! Kit

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