His top shelf girl

I wanted a Paloma tonight.  At the store, I did a mental inventory and knew I had tequila at home. I get grapefruit soda and a lime. At home, I realize I am out of Herradura and have a choice of Cuervo or Padron. I opt for the Padron.


Padron is good. The silver is okay. It is what you drink when you have moved past the Cuervo you drank in college.


Cocktail in hand I move to the porch to enjoy my drink. It is meh. It lacks the smoothness of Herradura to me.


I have an FWB whose taste in women is always questionable. He loves women who look rode hard and put away wet or who have a lived-in look. The cheaper they look the more he likes them.  I asked him recently why he likes me since I am not his usual go to.


“You are like the good bottle. The one you hide when company comes because you don’t want them drinking your $100 bottle of whiskey when they are just as happy with a $25 bottle of whiskey.  I can’t afford to drink $100 bottles all the time though.”


I laughed at the assessment and asked what the hell that meant about me.


“If I partook of you more often then I would need you more in other ways. You are the gift I allow myself on occasion.”


He kissed my forehead quickly and went to the bathroom to shower. While he washed away the awkwardness of the confession I let a tear or two fall.


Being his top shelf is safer for us both.

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  1. I wish I could like this piece more than once.

    “You are the gift I allow myself on occasion.” is simply beautiful.

    I imagine one or two of your tears falling into your drink as he walks away. You take a sip and whisper, “Bittersweet”.

    Though it could be written much prettier–my mind is mush tonight.


    1. Feel free to elaborate later. I loved the bittersweet reference. That is how I felt.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yours is pretty as is…there’s always another day or night for bittersweet.

        I also nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. I’m new to it but the info is on my page.


  2. c bunny says:

    It was lovely. It made my heart ache for him just a little bit. Maybe also for you.


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