Three personality types I dislike

How we are raised and then how life happens to us in adulthood shape our likes and dislikes. I am happy to say I have far more likes than dislikes. The dislikes I have though are raging strong.

I hate ignorance especially when it touted as the truth. I work with a woman who votes based on what her minister and husband tell her to do. She is very opinionated about everything but backs all her arguments with “well it’s in the Bible”. Her other source for news is Facebook. I love using to prove her wrong because this personality type, unfortunately, brings out the passive-aggressive side of me.

Another dislike of mine are people who apologize by telling you it’s your fault. “I wouldn’t hit you if you didn’t make me so angry!” My personal favorite was “you are not getting anything for Christmas because your father can’t keep it in his pants!” This is my fault because I share DNA with the man and at 6 years old don’t quite understand why I’m being punished for something I didn’t do. These people NEVER take any personal responsibility for their life. If they offend you there was a good reason! They won’t take it back because you must have an issue if you don’t agree with them.

My least favorite personality is the martyr/ victim. At one point in their life, something happened to them and they issued themselves the cloak of a victim. Everything in their life is one giant attack on the poor victim. They can’t work a full-time job because of that thing that happened 25 years ago. If they hadn’t had a child as a teen they could have been successful and don’t appreciate their family not supporting them 15 years later. They are late every day this week because they were triggered by something they saw on TV the other night! “How dare you not understand!” That is why they get a cloak. The cloak is their superpower of never being responsible for their failures again. Every single human has regrets. We all have things we wish we could block out because the pain of the memory still hurts. We don’t blame everything in our life though on a single point of our personal history. Don’t tell cloak wearers that because that is their entire identity and if you say, “maybe getting to work should become a priority because it causes your coworkers to stress and extra work” you are a bully and unsympathetic.

All my quotes are from family members or my coworker so I’m well versed in their techniques. And why I’m usually an expert at spotting them. It’s when I don’t recognize them until I’ve let them too close that I have to smack myself and wonder why I didn’t see the signs.

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  1. Three acute observations of toxic types.

    Beautifully elucidated.

    The third is personally the worst for my damaged hyper aware/sensitive mind.

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    1. Mine too unfortunately. It’s the one that leaves crushed and doubting myself. 😦

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  2. I am only just learning about the Professional Victim. I am learning how to see them pretty quickly and from very strange places. Fetlife and from blogging. My blog here is much nicer than any others I have had. I know the wonderful people in Fet and stick to their threads. How ever when you check out F & P it is full of people that beg for help in one way or another. I have answered by suggesting things they could try for professional help they seem to ignore it then continue to seek help. I did all I could. Anyway it is a great post and I love posts that make me think as this one did. Thank you Libby.

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