The Woman and Heart

Once upon a time, there was a young woman who had a heart.
She fell in love and Heart swelled with joy and life seemed to be perfect.
It was perfect until the day it wasn’t perfect. The young woman picked herself and shattered Heart up and to protect Heart she placed her in a cage.

The next time the woman and Heart thought they were ready. Heart was in her cage safe no? Except he saw through the bars and poked and baited Heart. He teased and taunted her with affection and when she finally came close enough for him to touch he bit her. The woman hadn’t been prepared. Heart had been safe! Had how this happened? What the cage needed were walls.

The woman felt naively safe with her enclosed Heart. Unbeknownst to her, there was a leak. One day she went to check on Heart and opened the door. Water came pouring out and the woman realized that all of this had been hiding beneath the surface and Heart hadn’t been safe at all. Heart was ill. Every breath hurt her. Recovery was measured in years and never saw an end date per se from the near drowning.

As Heart healed the woman built her a room. It was bricked and waterproof. There was a bed in the middle of the room. Here she strapped Heart to the bed. She told her she loved her but this was for the best. She would no longer be feeding Heart. As painful as it was the woman tried to forget her. She once in awhile would go and peek, sweep the dust from where Heart was slowly dying but then she would quietly leave locking the door behind her.

One day in a weak voice Heart asked, “Why?”

The woman with tears in her eyes looked at Heart and said, “So we can be like them one day. Heartless.”

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  1. This is an very sad commentary on the times we live in, but I’ve often wondered myself if it wouldn’t make things easier. 😦


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