the other women

Recently I learned my lover has been engaged dallying with other women. Not another woman, not two other woman but several other women. Since we have an open relationship my disappointment stemmed from his lying about it, the type of individuals he was engaging with, and his time.

One thing I had noticed this last year was a lack of attention from him. When I broached the subject he said he was busy at work and politely said I require a lot of attention. He was worried he was not meeting my needs. Fast forward 5 months and I learn that the reason for his lack of attention was because he was entertaining 4 women, add in some cyber girlfriends and a couple escorts too.

I have been grieving this last month. Not for him but the man I thought he was. I know I am better off without him in my life but I mourn for what I thought we had. I am angry that he made me feel needy when in reality he just couldn’t give me time because he was adding others to his collection and his new toys had his attention and interests.

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  1. I know that I personally could not deal with a poly lifestyle. However if that is what makes you and yours happy then I would think that honesty about all aspects would be the number one requirement for all. So sorry that your feelings have been disregarded in such a careless at best, and deliberate manner at worst that way.


    1. Thank you. I’m happy to say I’ve moved past this since I wrote it. He is still doing the same BS I understand so I’m happy to be free of that mess.


  2. I am glad you have recovered from that awful betrayal. This was not Poly it was cheating!


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