Hello Gasoline

We all worry when we meet someone for the first time. Our nerves are ramped up and we question why we are meeting, should we have worn what we wore, and of course will we like one another? One of the worse things that could happen is you meet and have zero chemistry. Then there is the option you have some, get naked and things improve. Maybe you do have chemistry and things are smooth sailing from cocktails, to dinner to sexy times. There is also one other option that depending on how you like your life could be a worse case scenario.

Hello Fire. I’m Gasoline.

This has happened to me once but I see it regularly. Most of my life I’m a pretty normal and an even keel person. You probably are too. Then someone walks in who speaks to you on every level of bad. They can make your temper flare to degrees you didn’t realize were possible. While you are screaming, something you don’t normally do, they grab you by the throat and push you against the wall. Violence, something else you didn’t know you were capable of, floods your brain. Somewhere between trying to slap, bite and kick him you discover you are having angry sex in the hall. His friends will call you his crazy girlfriend. Your friends will ask why you put up with him. You can’t help but be drawn together. You are a drug to one another and have to get that fix. It is like your crazy found their crazy and really, really likes one another.

For years I have avoided Gasoline like the plague. Granted it’s rare to find but when I’ve suspected I have turn tail and run because of how bad I felt playing with it last time. I don’t know why but today a little voice in my head has been whispering.

I have matches….

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