When Beauty Becomes Weird


“I would never want to be as shallow as one of those women who get Botox.” She said to me.

I get Botox. Yep. A little between the brows for 14 years because I got tired of people asking if I was angry. No one knows unless I tell them because it doesn’t look weird. I don’t have a forehead that looks like it has been encased in plastic.

Why is it shallow to want to feel a little better about yourself? Women get their nails done, hair highlighted, workout with a trainer and for these things we find ourselves defending or aligning against things like Botox.

I have spent a week asking friends, male and female, what is beauty and when does doing little tweaks become weird? Yet I see pictures of women who look like blow up fuck-dolls and men comment how “beautiful” they are. She has obvious hair extensions in her dyed blonde hair. Her fake breasts size matches her fake ass size that compliments the fake tan and filled lips. She isn’t beautiful she is CGI enhanced.

It made me question does my little Botox make me fake? I am 45 and this year my hairdresser said my  red hair has faded as redheads do over time and needed some help so I finally caved and had a gloss put on to make it look like it did when I was younger. Am I a fake girl?

My BFF’s job includes giving Botox and fillers so I talked to her about it and we came to a conclusion. Where does feeling better about yourself end and being unhealthy about changing begin?

We both agreed that the day you don’t want to look like you is the day you have crossed a threshold that needs mental help. If at the age of 28 you hate your brown hair, C cup and fair skin and begin modifying that what will you need to need change at 38? When you become the plastic surgery addict at 40 what happens when you are 60 and have little else to alter without looking like a Martian? More than you do already.

A little self-improvement is okay. It is healthy. When there is nothing about yourself that you like then there is a problem.

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