Hello, I am Libby

A few years ago I woke from a dream and was left mourning the loss of the people in my dream. Their dynamic wouldn’t leave me. A week passed and I was still haunted by them. I discussed it with a friend and she suggested I write it down. A year passed and I self published what started as a dream about two people into a fiction novel.

During that period I became very discouraged while editing and decided to put the book down for a bit. That is when novel two was written. The genres were so different I decided I needed two pen names. Your mom may love ‘Consequences of Truths’ because of the suspense and multiple plot twists but her hair may turn white if she reads ‘Freja’ my erotic novel.

I have been writing blogs on a site that shall not be named for 6 months now and decided to move some of those here in addition to new posts.

I hope you enjoy!

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